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Ever find yourself exploring an open world game and the soundtrack makes you pause and listen? That is at the core of what Fermata Music & Sound is all about.

The goal is to carefully craft incredible music and sound experiences for your video game, film, or tv show. Based out of Toronto, Canada, Fermata has worked with many high profile clients, as well as up-and-coming indie developers and directors. With over a decade in the business, Fermata has been recognized with 15+ awards and nominations; including 2 wins & 9 nominations at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and 5 SOCAN Foundation Awards.




    The following services can be provided for any visual media project:

    • Original music composition
    • MIDI editing & composition assistance
    • Orchestration


    Tomorrow (Feature Film) / 2021

    In the Mind’s Eye (Short) / 2019

    Shadow Break (Video Game) / 2017

    Quarries / 2015

    The Moment I Was Alone (Short) / 2014

    A Long Way From Home (Short) / 2014

    The Path (Short) / 2014

    The Sky Won’t Fall (Short) / 2014

    Breakfast with Pete (Short) / 2014

    Dream Revenant (Video Game) / 2014

    Jon (Short) / 2013

    Cold (Short) (original score) / 2013

    Reborn (Short) / 2012

    The Black Dahlia Haunting (music composed by) / 2012

    First Blood (Short) / 2011

    Euphoria (Short) / 2011

    Evan Wheatley’s The Stakeout (Short) (original music by) / 2011

    Requiem (Short) / 2011

    Lucid (Short) / 2010

    Da Capo al Fine (Documentary short) / 2010

    Shadows (Short) / 2010

    15 Till Midnight (original score) / 2009

    James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing / 2009

    Lost in Oz (TV Movie) / 2009


    2020 studio setup and audio workstation. Experience working with multiple DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), including Cubase, Logic, and Pro Tools.

    • Windows, 64 GB RAM, 6 TB HDD
    • Cubase Pro 10.5
    • Acorn Masterkey 61 MIDI keyboard
    • TEC Midi & Breath Controller
    • KRK Rokit 5 Speakers
    • Spitfire, Ujam, 8Dio sample libraries


    Canadian-Argentine composer Isaias Garcia is a 2-time Hollywood Music in Media Award winner and 9-time nominee, and 5-time SOCAN Foundation Audio/Visual Awards recipient, having worked on a wide range of mainstream and indie projects for film, video games, and the concert hall.


    Born in Canada and raised in Argentina, he had a humble and grounded musical upbringing in both countries, absorbing the works of the unique filmmakers and composers from Buenos Aires and Hollywood alike. At age 17, he became the youngest-ever composer-in-residence of Toronto’s Celebrity Symphony Orchestra, and later served as its orchestra manager during his music studies at York University’s School of the Arts, Media, Performance, and Design.


    In 2013, Isaias was invited as a guest student at USC’s Thornton School of Music‘s film scoring program with industry-renowned composers Garry Schyman and John Debney, which coincided with his 3rd Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination in the mobile game category, competing with Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed III. Isaias would later score the 2017 Ubisoft video game, Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak, making him one of the youngest composers to join the ranks of the highly acclaimed artists who have lent their talents to the Tom Clancy action video game franchise.


    Isaias has worked on over 30 professional projects, frequently working with his long-time collaborator, director Kellen Gibbs (The Moment I Was Alone, In The Mind’s Eye); and director Nils Taylor and producer Nicole Marie-Johnson (Quarries). He currently resides in Toronto and will be scoring the 2021 feature film, CICLO.


    Fermata Music & Sound
    Toronto, Canada
    (+1) 416 629 6244




      The following services can be provided for any visual media project:

      • Sound design, SFX, foley
      • VO (voice over) recording and editing
      • Music composition & arranging
      • Post-production and mixing


      Quantum League / 2020
      Drone Strike Force / 2019
      Trident’s Wake / 2019
      Element Space / 2018
      Master Of Orion / 2016
      Bakery Blitz / 2016
      Project Root / 2015
      Regular Show: Dimensional Drift / 2014
      Wicked – The Game / 2014
      Chef Emma / 2013
      Fringo Bingo / 2013
      Kitchen Scramble / 2013
      Bingo Blingo / 2012
      Lego Monster Fighter / 2012
      The Mystery Team / 2012
      Doors Of The Mind / 2010
      Wall-E / 2009
      Zoombook / 2007


      2020 studio setup and audio workstation:

      • Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, 4.5 TB SSD, 3TB HDD
      • Cubase Pro 8.5
      • Reaper 6
      • Pro Tools Ultimate 2020
      • Focusrite Saffire Pro24 Audio Interface
      • M-Audio KeyStation 61
      • Akai LPK 25
      • Rode NT1
      • Shure MV88
      • KRK Rokit 6 Speakers
      • Audio Technica M50x Headphones
      • Wwise middleware


      Sound designer and composer with 15 years of experience in video games and advertising. He first started as a composer and sound technician in Indigo Musica working for TV and radio commercials. Though working in the advertising industry could have been a bit busy, he had learned to work efficiently and fast, keeping the mind cool despite the tight deadlines and, most importantly, with a great training on linear sound design and VO recording.


      In 2006 Guido got his first gig as an audio designer and composer for a video game. Since then, he started to run his own studio and to work on video games almost exclusively, collaborating in titles for Wargaming, Big Fish, Comedy Central, Lego, Disney, Mattel, Cartoon Network, Sony, among others.


      He had worked on more than 100 titles, from web, mobile, to consoles and even AAA games. One of the coolest things he has learned was to keep his mind open to adapt to every single project, to every kind of game developing studio, going from indies to bigger ones.


      Having worked in every type of platforms such as Java (first mobile games), Flash, Unity, Unreal Engine and self developer’s made game engines, he has developed a strong technical and artistic background and can easily adapt to any type of project.


      With a “keep pushing” mindset, he’s always looking for new challenges while keeping his motivation and joy to deliver the best audio solution to any kind of project, from the pre production to its implementation.


      Fermata Music & Sound
      Barcelona, Spain
      (+34) 682 06 26 15


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